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PT Karya Bersama Anugerah Tbk, domiciled in the city of Balikpapan since its establishment in 2014. The company carries the concept of “City House” by building Rusunami residences, landed houses, and shop houses.

The potential for the property market in Indonesia is very large due to the broad demographics. The need for quality housing is increasing. The company offers quality housing with the target market for the middle and lower class of society. The advantages of the Company’s products are its strategic location, good quality of design and building and easy access.

The Company and its subsidiaries carry out their business activities in the field of property development and construction by owning several land inventories that can be developed into property products, which are located in Balikpapan, West Jakarta and Jonggol, which are planned to be developed into flats and housing. 


To become a national real estate benchmark company that provides
good quality housing for low- income community


Committed to building quality and value-added products and services for customer satisfaction. Build and train quality human resources. Have a positive impact on the development of the city and the environment and support the vision of the city in which the company operates. Build good cooperation with stakeholders; providers/distrib

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